Why does Israel act like Nazi Germany?

This is the question that occupies the minds of most people today, as we have witnessed yet another brutal massacre of Palestinians by Israeli warmongers, as schools, hospitals, power stations, refugee shelters etc. are being mercilessly targeted with nowhere left for Gazans to run to other than the sea. 

To some of us, the answer to the question is plain simple: Nazis and Zionists were and arethat similar. There is no surprise for both ideologies emanated from the same region (central Europe), and they are both fundamentally based on the same ludicrous and inhumane idea, namely: their own racial superiority over other human beings. 

Both Zionists and Nazis believe that they are superior to other ‘races’ at the same time as neither group actually constitutes a ‘race’ at all! Neither group, therefore, is known for its collective intelligence. So they must be ‘special’ in some other way.

Zionists, as against Jews in general, are similar to the Nazis because they take a vague notion such as ‘chosenness’ and turn it into a geopolitical aim in the same manner as the Nazis. Their shared aim is domination over others. 

The Nazis got to that point ‘scientifically’ by taking Darwinism to its ‘logical’ conclusion, and in the process proved that humans cannot be fully trusted with science or rationality.

Zionists got to the same point ‘religiously’ by taking the claims of the mythical Torah as fact, and ‘responding’ to their supremacist ‘Jehova’s call’ to establish a ‘state’ known as Israel on Palestinian land (after shopping around over Uganda and Canada etc. first), and in the process proved that humans cannot be fully trusted with religion or morality.

[Note: these are among some of the reasons why I regularly and strongly argue against science, rationality, secularism, religion or morality as ‘justifications’ for war.]

Obviously, they also share an outstanding level of stupidity for believing in such hogwash. Yet, they base their lives and political organization on such supremacist ideas.

The Nazis aimed to reach their goals by dominating Europe, and the Zionists targeted the Middle East. Both the Nazis and Zionists applied the technique of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and they both wanted the Jews to leave Europe and in this they were allies – literally, and not just figuratively. 

The greatest allies of Zionists were Europe’s anti-Semites, so said Herzl, the father of Zionism back in the 19th century. And the greatest of the anti-Semites were the Nazis who worked closely with European Zionists (as against other Zionists).

No one explains it better than Joseph Massad:

“He [Herzl] would declare in his foundational pamphlet that “the Governments of all countries scourged by Anti-Semitism will be keenly interested in assisting us to obtain [the] sovereignty we want”; and indeed that not “only poor Jews” would contribute to an immigration fund for European Jews, “but also Christians who wanted to get rid of them”.

Herzl would conclude in his Diaries that “the anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies”. These were not slips or errors but indeed a long-term strategy that Zionism and Israel continue to deploy to this very day. 

That Arthur Balfour was a well-known Protestant anti-Semite who in 1905 sponsored a bill (The Aliens Act) to prevent East European Jews fleeing pogroms from immigrating to England was not incidental to the fact that the Zionists rushed to court him, let alone to his own support of the Zionist project through the “Balfour Declaration”, which would reroute Jews away from England. 

When the Nazis took over power in Germany, the Zionists, sharing Herzl’s understanding that anti-Semitism is the ally of Zionism, were the only Jewish group who would collaborate with them. In fact, contra all other German Jews (and everyone else inside and outside Germany) who recognised Nazism as the Jews’ bitterest enemy, Zionism saw an opportunity to strengthen its colonisation of Palestine.

In 1933, Labour Zionism signed the Transfer “Ha’avara” Agreement with the Nazis, breaking the international boycott against the regime: Nazi Germany would compensate German Jews who emigrate to Palestine for their lost property by exporting German goods to the Zionists in the country thus breaking the boycott. Between 1933 and 1939, 60 percent of all capital invested in Jewish Palestine came from German Jewish money through the Transfer Agreement. Thus, Nazism was a boon to Zionism throughout the 1930s.

In 1935, the German Zionist branch was the only political force that supported the Nazi Nuremberg Laws in the country, and was the only party still allowed to publish its own newspaper the Rundschau until after Kristallnacht in 1938. Nazi officials would visit Palestine as guests of the Zionists in 1934 and in 1937. In the latter year, it was none other than Adolf Eichmann and Herbert Hagen who arrived in the country. The two were taken by the Zionist envoy Feivel Polkes to Mount Carmel to visit a Jewish colonial-settlement.

Eichmann’s second arrival in the country in the early 60s to be tried and executed was indeed his second visit, something Israeli propaganda always forgets to mention. Yet Zionism would always claim that its collaboration with anti-Semitism was strategic, namely to save Jews. 

This however does not square with the facts that during Nazi rule, Jews from Britain and the United States were given priority by the Zionists over German Jews for immigration to Palestine. Indeed, two-thirds of German Jewish applicants to immigrate to Palestine were turned down by the Zionists…” Source 

These are some of the reasons why Israel is so similar to Nazi Germany.

It was a popular global boycott of South African goods that brought down the Apartheid regime in that country in the 1990s. We can achieve the same against the disgusting Apartheid Regime that is Israel.

Boycott Israel folks, for the sake of humanity.


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