Good Grief! Magneto turns out to be Iranian!

No wonder ‘An’ international community is besieging Iran. They are at war with the X Men who appear to be found in Iran.

The whole thing really is that fictitious, especially with the nuclear saga and Israel’s pathetic victimhood games. Iran simply has no nuclear weapons programme and has never threatened to attack Israel.

Iran has provided military support for Hezbollah and Palestinian groups, and these have always been used in a defensive manner when under Israeli occupation and attack. And Iranian support for these groups has been miniscule as compared to the West’s support for Israel. They pose no threat to Israel other then when it acts like a rabid dog and starts attacking neighbouring civilians, as it regularly does.

Iran’s real threat to Israel is a soft one – by posing a democratic challenge that Israel has provided no respectable response for: A Palestine-wide referendum on the future of the land with the votes of all concerned counting.

The suggestion is a sound one, and one that cannot be dismissed out of hand if reason has anything to do with it.

The zionists running Israel constitute a minority, yet they hold most of the power. This is necessarily a dictatorship of a minority over the rest. It is Apartheid because it is founded on ‘race’.

Iran wants Israel’s regime wiped off the pages of time in a peaceful, democratic manner. This is an example of Iran’s positive moral standing in the world. It should be the wish of all those concerned with human rights. 

Khomeini was right. So is Khamenei. But in supporting the basic human rights of the oppressed of the world,  they are only showing basic human decency, as they should and it would be expected of them to do so. 

The real problem is the inhuman figures holding power in the West. Without their military, propaganda and financial support for Israel’s war crimes, such crimes would not be so easy to get away with.


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