NATO terrorism rages on while Boston occupies headlines

Just ten days ago, 11 Afghan children between the ages of 1 and 8 years-old were murdered and 7 women were injured by NATO terrorists in the Shigal district of Kunar province.


Photo: Huffington post

No one really knows or even appears to care much what the actual numbers were. Al Jazeera reported these numbers. One single AJ article was published stating the Afghan ‘president’ (!) had ‘strongly condemned’ the air strike, and then added ‘while condemning the use of civilians as shields by the Taliban’. So NATO terrorism and their regular cold-blooded murder of Afghan children is really the ‘Taliban’s fault’, and that’s it. NATO, meanwhile said that they were ‘aware of the operation’; and were ‘gathering information to determine what happened’. End of story!

But the same Al Jazeera has run at least five reports and opinion pieces so far on the Boston bombing of just 2 days ago.

The Huffington Post quoted a local ‘tribal elder’ as saying “I don’t think that they knew that all these children and women were in the house because they were under attack from the house and they were shooting at the house”. So there we have it, all is whitewashed and forgotten about NATO terrorism. Obviously not NATO’s fault!

But the report also goes on: “An airstrike in the same district in Kunar that killed 10 civilians in mid-February prompted Karzai to ban his forces from requesting airstrikes.” And, “There are about 100,000 international troops currently in Afghanistan, including 66,000 from the United States.”

The question of why one hundred thousands of NATO terrorists are in occupation of Afghanistan is not even raised.

The Washington Post initially gave the ‘incident’ just 4 paragraphs, amounting to 6 sentences in all. No photos, no names of the children, and no remorse whatsoever. And then another ‘report’ appeared on the ‘airstrike’, one that appears to mimic the Huffington story word for word.

This is a hallmark of how the terrorists’ own media handle such ‘stories’. And no surprise here, for the source of all these stories is the same: Associated Press. That’s how the ‘free’ media of terrorists operate to control and wash the message of its true ugliness with no alternative narratives.

Do a search on the AP website for Afghanistan, and what you get is three stories on a US soldier returning home with no limbs, one on another US terrorist soldier receiving a medal of honour, plus a hodgepodge of pdf files on AP’s own ‘best stories’ or photos of the year in Afghanistan. Not a word about Afghan people.

Scratch the surface, and yet more ugly truths about NATO terror appear: Another report describes a NATO terror attack in the same location (Shigar) on 13 February this year, killing 10 Afghan women and children in 2 houses at 10 pm when families are usually gathered at home.

Yet another NATO terrorist attack (euphemistically and tragically reported as ‘an airstrike’ by the ‘free’ media serving the cause of their terrorist masters) killed two Afghan civilians and 4 policemen 2 weeks ago (4 April), this time in the Deh Yak district of Ghazni province. The dead were nowhere near any fighting.

The same report attributes 316 civilian deaths and 271 wounded to US and NATO terrorists in Afghanistan in 2012. These are the NATO terrorists’ own figures. One wonders what the truth of the matter might be.

On March 2 this year, NATO terrorists ‘accidently’ shot 2 Afghan boys, according to another Huffington report, this time in the southern province of Uruzgan. “They saw two young children who were apparently listening to a radio and they shot them – it is not yet clear why,” a spokesman for the provincial governor said. “Australian forces deployed in Uruzgan said earlier there had been an “operational incident” in the province’s northwest but gave no details except that no soldiers were harmed.”

Yes, no details, just an ‘operational incident’, no doubt involving ‘collateral damage’.

NATO terrorism in Afghanistan is not limited to aerial bombardment of civilians. They also routinely engage in torture of prisoners. Just like US and British soldiers routinely used torture in Iraq, the same has been going on in Afghanistan since the early days of the US/NATO terror campaign that started in Afghanistan in 2001.

While the International Committee of the Red Cross report on Afghanistan has not been leaked like it was in the case of Iraq, NATO terrorists investigating themselves found ‘No Evidence of Torture’. But the clues to the truth have always been there.

It is time to ask: what are the NATO terror campaigns in Afghanistan really in aid of?

Why are there 100,000 foreign troops in occupation of the country after 12 years of a relentless, barbaric war?

Could it be that it is precisely to avoid answering such important questions that a relatively minor attack in Boston is given so much attention?

Perhaps one should ask about NATO’s military industrial complex and its interest in maintaining war for profits.

Perhaps one should talk about the CIA’s global narcotic drugs industry funding its clandestine, destabilising operations.


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