oil, bodybuilding, trade and tennis!

reading the news on iran these days is like watching a tennis match: two completely opposing sides giving those sitting in the middle of the stands a pain in the neck! the only thing that is clear in this game is that nothing is clear.

the toyota company suddenly announced that it had stopped sales of cars to iran back in june in order to comply with sanctions.

[score: iran love: warmongers 15]

apparently, toyota cars can be used to develop nuclear weapons. either that or toyota is begging for forgiveness from american consumers. regardless, toyota shares fell by around 2%.

perhaps this is further impetus for iran to expand domestic car production? will iran retaliate by banning the sale of toyotas in iran? new slogan: boycott israel and toyota!

the financial time reports iran’s petrol imports were halved last month as a result of new sanctions. “As a result Iran has been forced to pay a 25 per cent premium to market prices for its petrol deliveries as many companies shy away from supplying the country, the western countries’ oil watchdog [International Energy Agency] said yesterday.

[score: love:30]

this is the same iea that did not see the oil crisis coming in 2007-8. oil watchdog or oil propaganda? you decide!

the same ft report continues:”But the US and Europe have not succeeded in completely cutting off Iran as the gap left by western companies has being filled by Chinese state-owned companies and local Middle East oil traders. Last month US diplomats warned Beijing not to fill the void left by European and US companies.”

but china did the opposite!

[score: 15:30]

“Meanwhile, Tehran has already moved to undercut the effect of sanctions by hording supplies, rationing consumption and announcing the intention to boost its own production of petrol by cutting output of other petrochemicals if need be. Iran has said it could replace almost 75 per cent of its imported petrol.”

hands up all those who appreciate iran’s petrochemical capabilities!

We can stop production of petrochemicals at any moment we decide and produce petrol [instead],” according to Mir-Kazemi, iran’s oil minister.

[score 30:30]

‘so why haven’t they done it already?’ is the question arising from the quivering lips of the anti-iran gang! ‘because iran makes more profit from selling petrochemicals and importing petrol’ responds the patient lotus!’ look up ‘value addition’ she suggests.

but will such remedial action be necessary? reuters reportsTurkey will support petrol sales by Turkish companies to Iran, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told Reuters on Wednesday, despite U.S. sanctions that aim to squeeze the Islamic Republic’s fuel imports.

an official from the Turkish refining company, Turpas said “For us, Iran is more important than America, because we get crude oil from them. We don’t get anything from America.

[iran serves a thundering ace at a crucial moment in the game! score: 40:30]

Yildiz also said that the two countries would go ahead with the joint construction of power plants producing 6,000 megawatts of energy to fed their own markets as well as other countries in the region. in addition, a natural gas pipeline from iran would be constructed to supply turkey and europe.

reuters also reportsRussian oil giant LUKOIL (LKOH.MM) has resumed gasoline sales into Iran in partnership with China’s state-run firm Zhuhai Zhenrong, even as the United States urges the international community to be tough with Tehran.

[game iran!]

no shortages of oil in iran as the picture of ehsan khajavi clearly demonstrates.

khajavi won the gold medal in bodybuilding for men’s 55kgs category in the 44th asian men’s bodybuilding competition in tehran on august 06, 2010.


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